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We’ve put together some useful physiotherapy links and resources to help you maintain optimum health.

Arthritis: All you need to know about Arthritis

Braces and medical equipment:
Medsport braces and medical equipment
Medac braces and equipment

Dauphin Human Design Group

Ergonomic chairs – The Ergonomically Designed Office Chair:
Ergotherapy solutions: the get one chair

General health info

Healthy bladder: Helpful hints, pelvic floor

Icing is most important in the first 48 hours

Knee injuries

Nerves: Micheal Shacklock information on neurodynamic treatment

New Physical Activity Guidelines  


Physiotherapy Society

Personal Traininer:
Malcolm Gowans 082 355 5152

Meret Storck
Clincal/Rehabilitative pilates type classes by physiotherapists at Physio Active
We highly recommend Catherine Brodie. She is an excellent teacher who really gets the details right.
We’ve had very positive feedback from patients who hae seen Nicola George. You can email her:

Rheumatoid arthritis Treatment

RSI : 


We recommend yoga to many of our patients. It is excellent for increasing mobility and strength. Some people are genetically too mobile in their joints and can cause more unwanted joint hypermobility with yoga. A physiotherapist will be able to tell you if you are hypermobile. We use tests which includes the Beighton hypermobility test to ascertain this. Then it is recommended that you first increase your strength and awareness of joints neutral zone. A physio or good Pilates teacher can help you with this. You could still benefit from yoga later by maintaining good neutral joint awareness and only stretch to 70% and focus more on the strength component of a pose and ensure that the stretch is in your muscles and not into your joints. Some people who are actually hypermobile feel stiff. This is because some of their outer layer muscles are holding on to protect them where their subtle core muscles are not keeping them safe. If they then stretch these muscles they can hurt themselves. The right place to start for this group of people will be stability exercises

A lot of people who really need yoga are too shy to go, because they are too stiff. They are often exactly the people who we as physios recommend to yoga classes. If you are not sure you could come and see us at Physio Active for an evaluation and opinion.

The Shala in Cape Town City Bowl, comes recommended by Physio Active. Please look out for their beginners courses which they run from time to time. They also have 4 beginners classes which is a much safer place to start.

Hot Dog yoga studio in Sea Point offers excellent yoga classes. You will feel totally at home in their friendly relaxed atmosphere.

Women’s health: