Neck pain and the need for correct posture & muscular control

Neck pain studio in Cape Town


20% of the stability of your neck (cervical spine) comes from bones and ligaments at the end range of motion. 80% of the stability comes from surrounding neck muscles that gives dynamic support in mid-range i.e. the positions where one uses your neck most of the time.

It is thus logical that patient’s who spend most of their day in unhealthy pain-provoking postures cannot expect full resolution of symptoms unless they learn how to activate the inner core control muscles of the whole spine (from lower back to upper neck) and learn to use healthy pain relieving postures and positions most of the time. It can be very difficult to change ones posture on ones own.

Most people either under or over-correct or adopt another unhealthy default posture by accident.
Your physiotherapist can guide you to understand and feel how to adopt the correct posture in order to overcome neck pain.
Your physio can also choose and teach the exercises that would best address your specific neck problem.
If the correct muscles are stronger it will be much easier for you to stay in a healthy posture for longer periods of time.