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Ergonomics: Correct sitting posture at your desk


Ergonomics: Correct sitting posture and Chair recommendations Optimal ergonomics are important to prevent or limit desk related back pain, neck pain and work related upper limb disorder [previously called RSI: repetitive strain injury]. Make sure you have a good adjustable ergonomic chair. Ask your physiotherapist for advice re: seat height, desk height, arm support and […]

Recovery Modalities for Endurance Athletes

Endurance Athletes

Recovery Modalities for Endurance Athletes Training and Recovery for Endurance Athletes Endurance training programs need careful planning to ensure that the benefits of strengthening and running are gained, while avoiding or minimising fatigue and injuries. A good training program needs to consider a few important components. Firstly, the strength and flexibility of the anatomical structures […]

Warm up to prevent injury

Neck injury

Warm up to prevent injury To include a warm up period in your training is crucial to prevent injury. The body performs better when warm. There is less risk of injury when well warmed up as there is increased blood flow, better proprioception and positive elasticity changes in the muscle and joint tissue. It is […]