Ankle sprains: Challenging “Traditional outdated” concepts

Ankle BracesMisconception 1:  An ankle sprain will put you out of action for 6 weeks

Fact: With a mild ankle sprain you can return to sport in 10 days

How to identify a mild ankle sprain:  Post injury you should be able to walk normally, with the possibility of a slight limp.  You won’t be able to run and will have minor swelling.

Fact: With a moderate ankle sprain you can return to sport within 3 weeks

How to identify a moderate ankle sprain:  Post injury you will be limping. You will have a moderate amount of swelling and bruising around the ankle. Only with a severe ankle sprain will it take 3-6 weeks for a return to sport
How to identify a severe ankle sprain:  You won’t be able to put weight on the foot and you will present with severe pain, swelling and bruising around the sprained ankle.

Misconception 2:  Long term wearing of an ankle brace will weaken the function of your foot.

Fact: Patients are strongly encouraged to wear ankle braces post ankle sprain to prevent re-injury. It is highly recommended that a sportsman wear ankle braces when returning to sport.  Sportsmen are encouraged to wear ankle braces for up to 1 year post injury during sporting activity.

Misconception 3:  If you sprain your ankle once it does not mean you are likely to sprain your ankle again.

Fact:   One ankle sprain doubles your chances of incurring another ankle sprain.
To prevent re-injury to your ankle, physio treatment and rehabilitation exercises are essential

Physiotherapy for your ankle sprain:

At Physio Active the Physiotherapists Mandy Marsden, Francie Buhrmann and Hayley Schuter can help you to manage the rehabilitation of your sprained ankle. Initially we will strap your ankle and give you a compression bandage to minimise the swelling. Your recovery will be accelerated if you elevate and ice your ankle regularly in the first 5 days. You have probably heard of RICE:   Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

You will then be given targeted rehabilitation exercises. The exercises will be progressed as you improve. The rehabilitation exercises will lead to a more stable ankle with better proprioception and less chance of re-injury.

Regaining full mobility of your ankle is important. If your ankle can’t move through its’ normal full range of motion, it will affect your gait and other movements. This may impact your knees and especially your spine. There are a variety of good physiotherapy techniques to normalise this range of motion quickly.

The following braces are recommended for ankle sprains available at Medsport

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