About Physioactive Cape Town

Physio Active is a physiotherapy practice in Cape Town, City Bowl.

Evidence-based physiotherapy treatments based on current research trends are offered at our practice.

Thorough evaluations are given to accurately identify the source of an injury or pain (sources may include weak stabilising muscles, stiff or tight structures, poor posture, bad movement habits, joint hypo- or hypermoblity, joint position problems, nerve problems, stress or other emotional influences on the body).

Optimal holistic treatments (45 minute sessions) result from accurate evaluations.

Patient involvement in the evaluation and treatment process enables patients to learn more about their problem and guides them to help themselves and prevent recurrences. In this way the need for ongoing treatment is reduced.

Our rehabilitative approach gives patients hands on treatment combined with customised home exercises and practical advice.

Clinical Pilates. Physio Active offers Clinical Pilates-based exercise classes to reinforce and maintain positive treatment results. The classes are small and personal and our patients feel safe under the watchful, caring eyes of our experienced instructors. All instructors are qualified physiotherapists.


Referrals. Our physiotherapists have excellent relationships with other healthcare providers and specialists in Cape Town. When necessary we refer to other professionals

Our Physiotherapists:

Physio Active is owned by Mandy Marsden and Francie Bührmann.  We are experienced and keep up to date with current trends by attending numerous physiotherapy courses by reputable local and international lecturers.

All our permanent physiotherapists have completed the OMT (Orthopaedic Manual Therapy) post graduate 1 year diploma through the South African Physiotherapy Society. Physiotherapists with this diploma are highly regarded by fellow physiotherapists. The diploma teaches excellent clinical reasoning, critical thinking skills and how to evaluate the quality of research correctly.

All the permanent physiotherapists at Physio Active have completed dry needling courses. We use acupuncture needles as a very successful adjunct to treatment.

Mandy Marsden

Mandy Marsden

B.Sc (Physiotherapy) UCT (1988)
M.Sc (Physiotherapy) UCT (2010) in Sports Physiotherapy
OMT post-graduate diploma 1995

With vast experience through treatment and post-graduate studies, she has honed her manual and diagnostic skills, enabling her to offer her patients quality treatments. Her Masters degree in Sports Physiotherapy has given her added skill in treating sports injuries. For her thesis she chose to investigate lower back pain in cyclists due to her experience in treating back pain and her keen interest in cycling. She has been a physiotherapist for the International Beach Volley Ball Series and the World White Water Rafting Series.

Francie Bührmann (Roff)

Francie Bührmann

B.Sc (Physiotherapy)
University of Stellenbosch 1995
OMT post graduate diploma 2002

Through her own involvement in a variety of sports (rock climbing, mountain biking, running, swimming, windsurfing) and observing both active and sedentary patients, Francie has developed a keen interest in movement and position analysis. She has sought courses over the years to improve her diagnostic skills and knowledge in movement-based rehabilitation. Her expertise in these areas, combined with her experience in hands-on techniques, allows her to offer insightful treatments, as well as specific, rehabilitative clinical pilates classes to suit the individual needs of her patients.